About Us

The story
So far

It all started in Drammen, Norway back in 2010. 4 guys with a love for punchy pop/punk-rock started making music.
Lasse had just left a former band and was contemplating to start a new one. While in school studying he met Petter and Jørgen, and he quickly realized they played the bass
and the guitar and better yet, they had related taste in music. He also had a good friend and colleague that played guitar and was a singer.
One day Lasse called all of them and asked them if they wanted to start a band. And they were in.
They agreed to practice and play Thirty Seconds to Mars “The Kill” as their first song on their first rehearsal, just to experiment with how they sounded together.
And from that very first strum, everything just clicked, and they never looked back. This was too good to give up, and so almost instantly they started writing original songs.

As any band would attest to, the first song is one of the hardest to make. It’s the one to establish the band, set the example and the atmosphere for any follow-up song.
Their first song ever became the fan favorite “Get Back Home”.

The way they write and compose, shifts almost everytime they make a song, (ask them once you meet them) but they largely consider themselves to be
conservative when it comes to “melody first, text later”.
All of the members love it when they can jam out a sweet tune, and then listen closely to the feel they get. This “feel” sets the theme for the text and the setting for the story.

What is a name?
Have you ever heard someone tell you the name of their band, and you say “huh?” for the 4th time, still not getting the name?
That’s how they felt with their first name, The Luminary. An infinate amount of people saying “What, sorry, huh, come again, etc.” and they grew tired.

At the time “Get Back Home” was made, Lasse, Petter, Jørgen, and Marius Kristiansen (former vocals & guitar), founded the band The Luminary,
but in February 2012, Petter came up with the name Third Season because it was their third year playing together at that time.
Everybody deemed it catchy and in sync with all members. It’s just a name.
But it’s a good one. Right from the get-go, the band concentrated on making their own music and play live performances.
Both their music and lyrics were really well received, and within a year after they started playing together, they had played several gigs in Norway and one festival in Poland.
No recordings were released during this period, because they just loved to play and wanted to prioritize live concerts and their growing fanbase.

The carousel years
In 2012 Marius, unfortunately, chose to leave the band because of school and relocation.
That was a big loss for the rest of the band. Entering a limbo, they searched for some time for the right one to carry the vocals and the second guitar.
Tryouts and a selected few came and went, and they played some few concerts after Marius had to leave, but it didn’t feel right.
This resulted in the band being put on ice for a few years as a consequence of the constant changes, and because it didn’t feel right.
Something was missing.

Queue the new blood!
In March 2015, Petter came in touch with a vocalist/guitarist who played a solo gig, and he immediately saw the puzzle piece.
In the fall later that year, Joachim had a try-out with the rest of the group. It couldn’t have gone better.
He blew their socks off, and he loved their songs, their attitude, and chemistry. With the new lead vocalist/guitarist with the same dreams and ambitions as the rest of the
group, Third Season was ultimately drawn back into the light. The group were complete again.

The music
Their original melodic pop/punk-rock blends with sweet vocals, punchy rhythms, and storytelling lyrics.

They tell every story with their listeners in mind. Every interpretation should be made by the individual listener.
They want to make us listen, really listen, and make the song match our lives.

Third Season remain focused on the reaction they get when they hear their own music.
They have a claim, that every member has to get the same “goosebumpy” feeling, and the product has to be catchy, punchy or beautiful from beginning to the end.
They make high demands on each individual song, and every part of the song is never finished until they are 110% happy with the structure and composition.
And as always, perfection is key!

Band members
Joachim André Normannseth (Lead Vocals & Guitar)
Lasse Hennum (Drums & Backing Vocals)
Petter Diinhoff Dalsrud (Bass)
Jørgen Lande (Guitar)


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