Our Crew

Martin is our producer.
He is the knob turning wizard that has made our songs sound as punchy and powerful as they do.
If you’d like to know more about him, you should check out his successful YouTube channel “Skar Productions”.
He does epic metal covers of game and film music.
He also works for Norsk Lydstudio.

Thomas is our video producer and photographer.
He is an extremely talented and creative guy who’s been the mastermind behind all our promo videos and professional photos.
You can follow his work by following @eventyrhjerte on Instagram. He is worth the follow!

Christian is the generous and hard-working man behind this website.
He has put a lot of hours into it, and the result speaks for itself. We can’t wait to see what more he comes up with!
If you want to contact him, do it through his website f08.no

Nicolai is our talented sound and light technician. He’s always calm and collected, and very easy going when it comes to anything. Nothing’s impossible for this guy; there’s always a solution. We’re lucky to have him on our team. Nicolai owns his own company, Habb-Sound, and works for Asker city’s cultural scene.

Ravn has taken over as the cover artist. He will do all the artwork, starting with “The Greatest Show” and onwards. The best thing about him is that he won’t stop until everyone’s happy and pleased with the result. Ravn is multitalented. Now he works as a costume, scenography and director’s assistant at Det Norske Teateret in Oslo. Which is a big deal!

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