Our Week – Week 15

There has been a lot of work going down the past week. No time to stand still. We’ve just finalized something that will be hitting your eyes and ears very soon, and we can’t wait to hear and read your reactions.
So, stay tuned! Some hints have been sprinkled on our Instagram, so if you haven’t seen that already, go ahead and follow us there: ThirdSeasonInst

When one task’s done, another follows. This week we’ve been focusing on recording some new material. More specifically, the first song that Joachim took part in writing lyrics to. It’s a personal song for him, which we all sensed when we recorded his vocals. It’s a special song for all of us, since it was the first one that we made together after he joined the band. So, it’ll be the “newest” one in our debut album.

Now that it is mentioned. Our debut album. There are not many songs left to record, but the ones that are left are the hardest ones to solve. When we start to record a song, we have got to make sure that each part is as good as it can be. Everyone must be 100% satisfied with the composition, the melody, the rhythm etc. So, it is a time-consuming process. We will let you know every step of the way!

Until next time:
We wish you a happy Easter. Eat candy till it pours out of your earholes.


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