“Save Your Song” – Out Now

Our fifth single, and quite alternative-rocky tune is out now! This one took a great while to finalize, but we’ve finally made it. We’re extremely happy with the result. So much so, that we’re having trouble sitting still listening to it. Hope you’re having trouble with that too. Haha. This song has gone through a lot of changes during the recording process. All parts have been improved, some parts have been left out, and a new part has even been added. Finally, the song made sense. Did you realize that the tempo (bpm) shifts towards the end of the song?

About the song:
This song was inspired by one of the greatest things in life: love. But sadly the negative sides of it. You think you’ve found someone who checks every point on your list, you fall in love with them, but the love has made you blind. Eventually you find out that the relationship is toxic to your well-being. You stand up for yourself, get out of it, and let the person know that you’ll find what you thought you found in someone else! These lyrics came to life in the state of mind you’re in when you’ve just left a relationship.

These lyrics came to life in the state of mind you’re in when you’ve just left a relationship.
Thank you:
Our producer, Martin Skar Berger from Norsk Lydstudio, has really outdone himself this time. Seems like every song we deliver to him just keeps getting better and better. That must mean that the sixth single has got to be even better than this one, then? Seems unlikely, considering the quality he delivers, but… He keeps on surprising! He is a knob turning wizard. So, yeah. Either way. Thank you for the work you’ve put into this song, Martin. We’re very grateful for working with you, and we can’t wait to hear our upcoming songs come to life!

Our video producer and photographer, Thomas André Sagvik, is some kind of wizard as well. When we contacted him saying we wanted to record a video outdoors, he immediately had an idea. The result you can see today, is the idea brought to life. Having an idea generator like him on our team is very valuable. Carrying drums and other equipment onto an island and recording during a sunset was a cool experience, and it is a lot of fun doing these videos with him. Thank you for risking your health to helping us, Thomas. You’re a true gentleman!

And what about the cover art? Pretty cool right? Camilla Slettene Berg is a fantastic artist! We had an idea that “Save Your Song” would have notes falling from the sky like rain, and being caught or held by a pair of hands. A picturesque interpretation of the title. A fun fact: Camilla took a photo of Joachim’s hands before starting the process. So, those are his hands that you see in the cover art. Thank you for consistently bringing our songs to life, Camilla!

Last, but not least, even though he hasn’t made a direct impact on the song, we have to thank Christian. He is the one who administrates our website. Since it got up and running last month, a lot has happened. It seems like he’s using all his spare time helping us out. There are not enough words to cover his work ethic. Thank you so much, Christian! We owe you big time!

Finally, we’d like to thank all you wonderful fans out there. Streaming, rocking, liking, and sharing our songs like wildfire. We couldn’t have reached the amount of success we have without you. You’re more than welcome to share your experience listening to the song with us, just send us a message on Facebook, or contact us here at the website.

You find our song on Spotify, just click this linnk: https://open.spotify.com/track/45on50mnBG1ddmxjiiOXif?si=YfTs9NEOQKKmVFDVISJ-pQ

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