Fresh from the studio: “Painted Memories”

As mentioned in the promo video, we are closing in on recording our entire album.
There are only two songs left, but as we say in Norwegian: things take time. Recording, mixing, discussing, recording, mixing, and a little more recording.
It’s really testing our patience, but as we’ve experienced, it’s worth the wait. “Painted Memories” is a perfect example of a song that has gone back and forth between recording and mixing. After a few sessions with our producer Martin Skar Berger, we finally solved it, and we hope you love it as much as we do. 

“Painted Memories” is a typical Third Season song, but we’ve implemented something we haven’t done till now. Synthesizer.
Don’t know what you think, but we can’t stop digging it! Especially with the filtered vocals on top.
If you’re interested in learning the lyrics perfectly, click on over to “lyrics” here at our website. We’ve already posted it there!

Last, but not least, we’d like to send our gratitude to all of you! Thanks for patiently waiting for new music to come out.
We know we’re slow, but we can promise you that we’ll make it worth your wait. We’re investing a lot of time in other band related things that will make our come-back to live shows a whole lot better. Just wait and see!

Thanks to: 
Martin Skar Berger for his wizardry tweaking this single to perfection.
Thomas André Sagvik for performing his magic with the camera (per default, haha).
Camilla Slettene Berg for her amazing artistry making the beautiful emo-ish (just love it) cover art.
Christian Sørensen for administrating this website day in and day out, making sure it is at its best.

Teaser: Painted Memories

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