Jørgen’s Goodbye

Jørgen’s Goodbye

Jørgen came to us with some personal issues at the start of the pandemic. He realized that it wasn’t good for him to be in the band anymore. We’ve found a great replacement, and you will get to know him soon.

Jørgen will still help us lyrically and musically from afar. It’s been a blast rocking with you, friend!

Ha has prepared a few words, and please send him some love.

“As of now, I consider myself the number 1 fan of Third Season. #nodisrespect

Thank you for the hard work and dedication. I will be rooting from the sidelines from now on.

Thank you to the fans, who made me feel 10 feet tall on and off the stage. I’ve met the new guy and can 100% vouch for his skills, personality and dedication to the band.

Rock on, guys! I’ll keep pushing lyrics and melodies your way.

All love -J”

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