We are lucky. Lucky to have people in our lives that do all they can to help us succeed and grow as a band.
Friends, family, and others that help with their expertise and who share our music with purpose. It is overwhelming at times. We cannot thank you enough.
But, at the end of January we tried to show our appreciation in the best way possible. We invited over 100 friends and family members to come see us at Radar in Asker. Playing at Radar was made possible by our lovely sound technician Nicolai. Dedicating countless hours and energy with us. Thank you!

This concert was also meant as a test drive for us. Showing what we’ve been working on and getting honest feedback from the audience.
It was both a cathartic and loving experience to finally play a gig again. It has been too long. And yes, we got overexcited. Way too overexcited. But all in good fun.

The reception from the crowd was fantastic and a lot of people wanted to tell us how great it was and how proud they were.
So, we can now say, after years of waiting: WE ARE READY!

Our next stop is at Baracoa in Asker. Come see us February 24th at 21:00. Tickets can be found under the event folder here on our website.
You’ll save a few kroner if you buy online instead of at the event. Come show your support!

Click here for pictures from the concert.
Stay tuned for more!
T.S ∆

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