EDM and Punk? No way…

We’ve gotten to know a wonderful guy and a great producer, named Skau. He had been sitting on a demo he didn’t quite believe in, but then it hit him. It needed more power.
It needed heavy drums. It needed Third Season. So, earlier this year (in March) he reached out to us and told us the idea, and we were intrigued.
The process started right away. Together, we deconstructed the demo, and brought new life into the track. 

It started with melody writing, and then drums, bass, and guitars were made to complement the melody. Skau had the idea of having “Falling Down” as the title, especially after making the dark and voice distorting “Falling Down” you hear just before the choruses. The title sparked lyric ideas at once, and the final draft was done in under a week.
We’ve been sitting on the final master for 1,5 months now, so we’re so happy to finally show you what we’ve been teasing on our socials. 

We believe that this track will turn rockers into clubbers and vice versa. Let us know what you think by sharing your reactions and commenting on our socials.
And if you share and show it to the world, we’d love you for it. Thanks!

All the best
Skau x Third Season

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