Third Season – Get Back Home Δ PROMO


Energetic, rhythmic, and catchy tunes are what we love above everything!
“Get Back Home”, our fourth single, brings out the essence of our music.
We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did while recording this video 

WHAT A VIDEO!!! Right? Thomas André Sagvik, you made us look like a million dollars (that’s 8,5 million NOK!). Wow! Without your help we’d never achieve these milestones. We owe a lot to you, my friend! ?

We cannot praise him enough, but.. Martin Skar Berger / Norsk Lydstudio, you’re a genius! Our producer has really outdone himself this time. Thank you so much for continously mixing our songs to their fullest potential! ?

For the third time in a row, Camilla S B art brings life to our music with beautiful cover art! Your talent is inspiring ?

We recieved a lot of submissions to take part in this promo video.
Sadly we couldn’t fit everyone, but your enthusiasm warmed our hearts!?

To all of you out there across the globe:
Thank you! Your support is overwhelming and beautiful!
We truly have AMAZING fans! Enjoy the single, and stay tuned!
There’s more coming in 2019!??


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