Third Season – Heart Shivery Δ Lyric Video


Hi! Lasse here, and I would like to tell you the story of our single Heart Shivery!

Alright, folks. Where to start?
It all began in 2001. I was 15 years old and played drums in a band called Detain. The band consisted of my childhood friends Kenneth (guitar), Thomas (vocal), and Andreas (bass). We all went to the same school and had a big love for bands like Blink 182 and Three Doors Down. We pretty much listened to all the bands that were popular at the time.

We made our own songs in Detain, even though we were only skinny teenagers who’d just gotten a few hairs under our arms. I believe Thomas had a few hairs on his face too, if I remember correctly. Anyway… We played many awesome concerts and made many songs that we got a lot of admiration for. Even from experienced musicians.

One day, Kenneth sat down in the rehearsal room with his guitar. He had just made a new riff, which he was very happy with, even though he was a bit troubled, having all the common teenage problems in mind. Love, girls and heartbreak. He checked that his guitar was tuned in drop D and started plucking the strings. The melody that Kenneth had implemented into his guitar playing spoke to us. We were very excited about what he had brought to the group, and we jumped into finalizing the song. Kenneth had already composed the song with verse, chorus, and bridge. Adding vocals, bass, and drums was the only thing that was missing. A few days after this meeting, Thomas had made a vocal melody and written the lyrics. The tune had three verses, three choruses, one guitar solo, and one bridge. At that time, the song was called “Sugarpain”. The song followed Detain for many years, until the band was dissolved.

Over 10 years later, Third Season was formed. Even though we too compose our own songs, this song had “haunted” me for all these years and I really wanted to keep my musical history alive with the new band. I asked Kenneth if he was alright with us using his riff, which he gladly let us. Thomas said the same thing about the vocals. We changed a few things, made a new song title, and tried many different variations of the song. Even though we never “landed” a final version, we continued playing it in concerts. When Joachim, Jørgen, Petter, and I decided to start recording our first album, we agreed that we had to make it PERFECT! The ideal thought was to keep the nerve of the guitar and vocals from the original composition. Now, the song is modernised, but the chords and vocals in the verse, chorus, and bridge is close to the original. Some of the lyrics from 2001 are preserved, but now with the new title “Heart Shivery”.

Kenneth listened to the song when our producer had finalized it. He said this after his first listen: “This song means a lot to me. It was one of the licks/riffs I was most proud of, and the chord progression makes it so harmonic. I was both a little wary and excited about how you were going to record it, but I can finally breath properly. I feel proud of what you’ve done to the song. I whole heartedly appreciate that you’ve preserved so much of the original, so much that the soul and nerve that I know are still there. I got chills when I listened to it!”

Thomas listened to it a few days after. He smiled and said: “I was pretty nervous to listen to the song. You had such great pressure on you. The song was beautiful when we played it in our youth, but this is the best I’ve heard of it. You’ve finally completed it! Fantastic!”.

Kenneth and Thomas are two of my childhood friends. We’ve played in many bands together, and they’re both very talented. “Heart Shivery”, with Third Season, is made with huge respect; the song means a lot to all of us who took a part in making it from the beginning. We’re very proud of what we’ve done with it, and for me: I’m quite proud of being able to play the same song now that I’ve played since I was 15 years old.

Thank you, Kenneth Strand Dahl, for your generosity in letting us use the guitar riff. Kenneth is an experienced and talented guitarist and musician. Today he plays in the band St. Omen.

Thank you, Thomas André Sagvik, for letting us use the vocals that you made. Thomas is a fantastic photographer and video producer. You should follow his instagram account, ‘cause you’ll never see Norway as beautiful as through his camera lens. Link below.
Fun fact: he is the guy who’ve made all of our promo videos. Funny how the roles have changed.

– Lasse



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